Outcome of indi may not be known for days,” he added

Outcome of indi may not be known for days,” he added.The ministry’s investigation found that the doctor’s name, phone number and email were o바카라 사이트n file, but it was the ministry’s opinion that it was not a proper notification under Indian law. However, the doctor has registered a complaint with the 라이브카지노minCDC 철도청 카지노istry alleging mismanagement of his medical degree certificate and loss of income since January. In March, an officer of the ministry informed Patel that his degree certificate was returned and that there was no evidence of his payment of tuition.”The department was investigating the matter on a provisional basis since the medical degree was returned to him,” said a source.The ministry was also told in June that Patel’s parents had claimed that his degree had been refunded to the extent of Rs 60 lakh while the ministry had said that the loan had only been paid at a nominal rate of 15%.