He may

He may

have admitted he had always idolized me, but that did not keep

Olympia title

him from doing his best to take the Olympia title away from me .

The 1975 Mr.

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Olympia was something of a high point in the

history of this great event. Ferrigno returned, determined to

achieve victory; Serge Nubret was also back and in top shape. For

Robby Robinson

the first time, there were six or seven absolutely first-rate champions contending for the title, and I was especially proud of this

victory, after which I retired from competition.

The next year saw a truly earth-shaking event in the history of

bodybuilding: Franco Columbu won the 1976 Mr.

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Olympia title,

the first small man to do so. Until this time, the big man always

won, but from ’76 on the small man came into his own.

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Musculenity and extremely low body fat becam e the winning factor,

which required an almost scientific approach to training and diet

to achieve.

Franl< Zane

Robby Robinson

The late ’70s saw Frank Zane hit his prime, winning three

consecutive Olympia titles with his aesthetic physique.

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Robinson also achieved world-class status and displayed both

highly aesthetic and muscular qualities. In contrast, when Kal

Szkalak won the 1976 Mr. Universe, it was more by virtue of an

incredible development of mass than safest-prohormone body-muscles.com a Zane-like symmetry.

In 1980, I came out of retirement to win the Mr. Olympia

contest in Sydney, Australia. I could hardly believe how competitive the sport had become by then, or that I would be pushed so

hard by a bodybuilder as srnall as Chris Dickerson.